China dismisses Arun Jaitley's remarks over 1962 conflict

Beth Cruz
July 5, 2017

"By entering into Chinese territory and obstructing Chinese troops' normal activities, India violated the existing convention on the boundary and basic principle of the worldwide law and obstructed peace and stability of the boundary area, " Geng told reporters in Beijing in an extensive briefing.

Wang wrote that "those in India who still uphold "confrontation" in this event should be fully aware of the fact that if a solution isn't reached through diplomatic or military communication or the issue isn't handled properly, another armed conflict between China and India is not completely out of the question".

Indian naval satellite Rukmini (Gsat-7), long-range maritime patrol aircraft like Poseidon-8I and warships have monitored at least 13 Chinese naval units in the IOR over the last two months.

The government-controlled Global Times said Indian troops had crossed over from Sikkim into Chinese territory to show Washington that New Delhi can be counted on to "constrain China's rise". However, on the other hand India has been insistent that China with their resolution to build a road in the region poses a serious security threat. "In fact, it is the Indian side that has ignored worldwide law and seriously interfered with China's construction activities".

According to India, while the status of Sikkim is recognized as being part of India, the boundary is not resolved between India and China.

On June 26, China accused Indian border guards in the state of Sikkim of crossing into its territory in southwestern Tibet, in an attempt to obstruct the construction of a new mountain road.

The spokesperson said the illegal trespass of Indian border troops had breached the convention signed between China and India and it was also against the basic principles of United Nations (UN) charter and internal law.

Responding to the Indo-China stand-off in the Sikkim sector, a Chinese expert has asserted that China might consider the use of military force if India doesn't back down. Indian troops, for example, assist the undersized Royal Bhutan Army in guarding the vulnerable portions of Bhutan's border with China.

The reality is, due to U.S. imperialism's reckless drive to make India a linchpin of its anti-China offensive, the Sino-Indian and Indo-Pakistani conflicts have become inextricably entangled with the strategic confrontation between U.S. imperialism and China.

Doka La is the Indian name for the region which Bhutan recognizes as Dokalam, while China claims it as part of its Donglang region. This is the seventh time that Chinese submarine was seen in the Indian Ocean, however first time this year.

"The two countries have aligned their interests in defence cooperation and counter-terrorism".

India seconds Bhutan as the ownership of Doklam is yet to be decided.

"In 1962, China fought a war with India after the latter encroached on Chinese territory, resulting in the deaths of 722 Chinese troops and 4,383 Indian soldiers". This has been reiterated since then in other Chinese official briefings. India must start to question China's purportedly historical claim to Tibet itself. This is seen as the longest such impasse between the two armies since 1962.

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