Malcolm Turnbull was right about Robert Menzies, experts say

Beth Cruz
July 12, 2017

After talks in Downing Street, he expressed confidence in Britain's plans to forge global trade agreements.

In remarks interpreted as a swipe at leading conservatives such as former prime minister Tony Abbott, Mr Turnbull used a speech in London to say the Liberal Party is not a "conservative party" and that it needed to occupy the "sensible centre" of politics.

He added that Australia was also "looking forward to an early conclusion" of a planned free-trade deal with the EU.

"We took the name "Liberal" because we were determined to be a progressive party, willing to make experiments, in no sense reactionary but believing in the individual, his right and his enterprise, and rejecting the socialist panacea", Turnbull said.

"We'll move as soon as Britain is lawfully able to enter into a free trade agreement".

Although the United Kingdom can not negotiate trade deals with other countries until after Brexit, Australia is one of the countries with which Whitehall officials have set up a working party to look at the issues involved.

Mr Wells said the Prime Minister's speech confirmed for him that he has made the right decision to leave the party.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Paris
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"You might remember the days gone by when we used to say as politicians that when we travel overseas we don't talk about domestic politics", he said.

Mr Turnbull, who received an intelligence and security briefing in London on Monday, told reporters at a joint media conference with British leader Theresa May later he was "always interested in learning about the British experience".

"We might find the Prime Minister is saying the middle ground is the way to go but sadly so much of what we have done in recent times is not the middle ground, it's not the middle way".

"Your post-Brexit Britain will be a Britain with big horizons, big opportunities, free trade, open markets. that is the future, that is where our prosperity has been delivered and I know that is where your prosperity in the future will come", he said.

May and Turnbull earlier visited the Borough Market where two Australians were killed in last month's terror attack that killed 11 people.

Mrs May said she and Mr Turnbull had discussed cooperation in the fight against terrorism and in denying the use of the internet as a safe space for extremist groups.

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