Man trapped in Texas cash machine sends 'help me' notes

Kristopher Drake
July 15, 2017

A customer at a cash machine saw a piece of paper emerge from the ATM's receipt slot - and it was a scribbled note pleading for help.

A Bank of America ATM in Texas state dispensed a lot more than cash and receipts, it was also dispensing handwritten notes with the message "please help". One note collected by a local news station read: "Please help". I'm stuck in here and I don't have my phone.

When police realized what had happened, they kicked open the door to the security room, freeing the man inside. Lucky for him, the ATM continued to be operational so he only had to keep slipping notes for around two hours before someone finally took his notes seriously and called for help.

Ingeniously, the employee came up with the idea to pass notes through the ATM, telling people he was trapped inside and asking them to call his boss, according to the New York Times. But when they arrived on scene and approached the ATM, they could hear a faint voice calling to them from inside.

"It was just insane", Richard Olden, a police senior officer, told KRIS-TV. For almost three hours the man kept providing the handwritten note to customers hoping that someone would take his plea seriously. "It's got to be a joke", said Olden.

Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Olden confirmed the incident to KRISTV.

"But you'll never see this again in your life", Olden said.

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