Man killed 4 after feeling cheated in drug deals

Kristopher Drake
July 16, 2017

The four men, all residents of Bucks County, disappeared last week.

Weintraub said the bodies of Meo, Finocchiaro and Sturgis were found buried 12 feet deep in one common grave.

Local and state police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had embarked on an "all hands on deck" foot-and-air search of the farmland, which is owned Antonio and Sandra Dinardo. On Wednesday, cadaver dogs led police to the grave.

Investigators located Patrick's body Thursday.

The reason the four victims were targeted. When Dinardo was headed to Finocchiaro's home, he stopped and picked up his cousin, Kratz, and, court documents note the pair came up with a plan to rob Finocchiaro instead.

"They have also been charged with robbery, abuse of corpse and possession of instrument of crime", said Weintraub.

Dinardo told police that when they exited the property he shot Meo in the back, who fell to the ground screaming.

On Sunday at 4:30 p.m., Bucks County detectives received a call from one of DiNardo's friends, indicating DiNardo offered to sell him Meo's Nissan Maxima for $500.

The keys and vehicle title, which had not been legally exchanged, were folded up and hanging on the wall inside the garage of the property, the affidavit states.

Cosmo Dinardo was first arrested on Monday for an unrelated firearms charge that dates to February. His father then paid 10 percent of his $1 million bail.

The charges relate to the killings of Patrick, Meo, Sturgis and Finocchiaro.

"I'm satisfied at this time that based on the evidence that we have at this time we have the two men in custody that need to be brought to justice".

How were the men killed? .

The three of them drove back to Dinardo's large property. Authorities believe one was killed on July 5, and three were killed on July 7.

In a criminal complaint, DiNardo told authorities that he had agreed to sell Patrick four pounds of marijuana for $8,000 and had picked him up at his home in Newtown before driving him to the farm. Kratz is charged for three of the murders, while DiNardo faces charges for all four. That only added to the speculation and rumors before DiNardo's confession. Kratz told investigators Dinardo "basically crushes him" with it. DiNardo then used the same backhoe to transport the bodies. He put them in the same metal tank as Finocchiaro and poured gasoline in it and lit it.

Using a backhoe, DiNardo then dug a hole to place Patrick's body into, the complaint said.

Who's telling the truth?

Later that same day, DiNardo shot Sturgis and Meo and placed them in the same tank as Finocchiaro. However, Kratz told police that Dinardo was the one who shot Finocchiaro.

How did investigators find the final body? .

DiNardo's lawyer says his client is remorseful.

In exchange for this admission, Dinardo hopes to be able to avoid the death penalty, according to his lawyer.

In his confession, Dinardo detailed a series of shocking killings with no clear motive. "I feel relief. I feel so proud of my team and I feel resolved", said Weintraub during a press conference on Friday.

"I'm not sure", he said, "we could ever answer that question".

Police suspected early on that all the men knew each other.

Meo and Sturgis were good friends who worked together at a construction company. The documents indicate that DiNardo drove Patrick to a remote part of his parents' farm property in Solebury, Pennsylvania, and killed him with a.22-caliber rifle. The homeowner later posted the video to his Facebook page, where a witness - whose neighbor was dating Kratz at the time - identified him in the footage, the document states. Patrick's relationship to the other men is also unknown.

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