Delta hits back at Ann Coulter after her tweetstorm against the airline

Tammy Harvey
July 17, 2017

Delta Airlines fired back at Ann Coulter on Sunday describing the conservative author and pundit's weekend-long barrage of insults and heated criticism as "unacceptable and unnecessary". It appears that Delta didn't know Coulter was upset until she started tweeting.

Shortly after landing in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday, she launched a full scale Twitter assault against Delta Air Lines - which had apparently bumped her from an aisle seat to a window seat in the same row.

"If you thought it was about $30, @Delta, why didn't you give this woman $30 and let me stay in my PRE-BOOKED, ASSIGNED seat?" she wrote, sharing a picture of the woman who was placed in her seat. Delta says it "inadvertently" moved Coulter as passengers were boarding and it was "disappointed" with Coulter's remarks.

The reason for Coulter's anti-Delta diatribe was a seating change imposed on her by airline staff. Ann was allegedly evicted from her seat - for which she had paid an extra $30 for additional leg room - to make way for another passenger. She also accused them of "summarily snatching my ticket from my hand & ordering me to move w/o explanation, compensation or apology". "I have pictures so don't lie, Delta!" she tweeted again. "Here's the woman given my PRE-BOOKED seat". Most of her complaints were focused on why Delta switched her seat, which she called an "extra room seat" that she had "pre-booked".

Delta said it had learned about her complaint only after she began tweeting after the flight landed.

In response, Delta said it will be refunding Coulter the cost of the upgrade - $30. However, within 24 hours of the flight's departure, she changed to seat 15D which is by the aisle.

She pointed fingers at the female passenger in the above photo, claiming that she had "waltz [ed] at the last min" and took her seat. "Her actions are unnecessary and unacceptable", Delta said in a statement.

In a separate statement, Delta added, "Each of our employees is charged with treating each other as well as our customers with dignity and respect".

Did Coulter overreact? Should a company still be held accountable to offer consumers what they paid for?

And at least a few people said they would stop flying Delta because of Coulter's experience.

Coulter's tweets generated a fair amount of support from others on social media, with some of her backers saying they would not fly with the USA airline.

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