Putin in Finland on centenary of independence from Russian Federation

Kristopher Drake
July 30, 2017

He said Moscow would definitively respond to the new US measures، adding that the size and scale of a possible response would depend on how Washington would decide to go on with the sanctions، which should be ratified in the Senate and signed by US President Donald Trump before it becomes law.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has deplored a new round of USA sanctions on his country، saying Moscow will definitively respond to the embargos if they are implemented، according to PressTV.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, will meet his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto on July 27.

On his part, Sauli Niinisto said he did not quite share the view that it was an attempt to validate USA laws outside the country, but said the issue was alleged attempt to influence the US elections.

".The election of the United States president, it is not our business, and it is not up to us to assess what he does in this very senior post, that's up to the USA public", Putin said.

He said he hoped "today's state of affairs will end at some point and we will move on to a new quality of relations, we will strengthen them and build them up in the interests of the peoples of the USA and Russian Federation".

The Russian president criticized the U.S. practice as an effort to "make U.S. legislation valid in other countries" and said Russian-U.S. relations were being sacrificed to U.S. domestic issues.

The Russian strongman slammed the intensifying probe into Russian meddling in the USA presidential election, saying it bore witness to "a rise in anti-Russian hysteria" in Washington.

The two countries acting in agreement "could solve very acute problems much more effectively", Putin said, specifying the "fight with terrorism".

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