Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition pre-orders will go live this month

Randall Craig
August 2, 2017

According to their post, the Super NES Classic Edition system will be made available for pre-order by "various retailers" later this month.

Nintendo said on Facebook that it plans to open SNES Classic pre-orders "late this month".

The system comes fully loaded with 21 games, Nintendo says.

Nintendo will apparently better prepared for the SNES Classic Edition launch than they were for the NES Classic Edition launch, but we're still a bit leery about the whole pre-order thing to be honest. Unfortunately, there was no mention of specific dates which presumably means that each retailer will launch pre-orders on the date of their choosing. This will come as a huge relief for customers who are eagerly waiting for the new console or did not get the chance to buy Nintendo's previous retro console, the NES Classic Edition, which the company discontinued after a few months.

Many worry that the same will happen with the SNES Classic Edition, especially with Nintendo only confirming stock through the rest of 2017.

Nintendo has promised to ramp up production this time around but given its track record and the sky-high demand, there's no reason for consumers to believe with any degree of certainty that they will be able to pick up a system on launch day without a pre-order. That got people wondering; is North America even getting pre-orders of the SNES Classic? The NES Classic Edition was sold out nearly immediately, with small restocks arriving and sailing out the door.

So. uh. there you go.

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