Google Play Store will now rank apps according to performances

Randall Craig
August 5, 2017

But this is just a stop gap in the aforementioned millions of apps available as Google's main problem is that they only take action when there are complaints about the app.

"By focussing on the quality and performance of your app, you'll find more success on Google Play". The results can be seen when you're manually searching for an application or game, as well as when you're just scrolling through the home page of the Google Play Store. Excessive battery usage, slow render times, and crashes can be a source of frustration.

According to Ahn, this change has seen users gravitate towards the higher quality apps more often, with fewer uninstalls of said apps recorded.

This ranking algorithm will now push the developers with buggy apps to solve these issues or they will be penalized and their apps will be ranked lower than the other better-performing apps.

Developers can use the Play Console to find and fix the issues with their apps. It displays a lot of statistics on performance issues and other app flaws that may be causing downranking.

The new measures combined should mean that Android users will start to find higher quality apps that are free from malware in the Google Play Store.

Lastly, there's the Playbook app. It's chock full of good information for app developers and is regularly updated with info on the latest changes and best practices. This has been something that Google has talked about doing now for a while, and it appears that the purge is officially under way.

The added weight of quality in comparison to popularity isn't going to fade anytime soon-if anything it's only going to become more prominent on more platforms.

Google said the new algorithm is already in place although it hasn't revealed specifics regarding the new ranking system. App rankings and search results will now prioritize performance over popularity when determining how high an app sits.

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