Search Under Way for Osprey That Went Down Off Australian Coast

Kristopher Drake
August 6, 2017

U.S. Marine teams were conducting search and rescue operations off the east coast of Australia Saturday for three Marines missing after a "mishap" with their Osprey aircraft.

Twenty-three of the 26 personnel aboard the Osprey were recovered by the nearby ship's small boats, and search and rescue efforts are still underway, the statement said.

This is a breaking story. The Osprey was in Australia for a joint training exercise between the USA and Australia that ended July 25.

According to The Sunday Mail, a source said that one seriously injured Marine was being transported to Rockhampton Hospital.

The MV-22 is a hybrid-type aircraft that can take off and land as a helicopter but transitions its two engines to fly like an airplane in mid-flight.

The Australian Department of Defence confirmed there were no Australian personnel on board.

The MV-22 Osprey went down in in Shoalwater Bay, off the coast of Queensland near Rockhampton earlier today.

"I have briefed Prime Minister Turnbull and spoken with Secretary [of Defence James] Mattis this evening to offer Australia's support in anyway that can be of assistance. Our thoughts are with the crew and the families affected", she added. They are much faster than helicopters and have the capability to move vertically.

The accident comes just weeks after 15 Marines and a Navy sailor were killed when a Marine Corps cargo plane crashed on July 10 in Mississippi.

It is unclear what caused the aircraft to crash.

Since the beginning of the Osprey's testing phase in 1991, there have been 39 fatalities and crashes in conflict zones.

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