Trump flees for luxury vacation as grand jury pursues Russian Federation collusion

Kristopher Drake
August 6, 2017

Despite their clear news value, some journalists and pundits questioned whether the leaked transcripts should be published.

No foreign leader can now speak freely with Trump without expecting to read the contents of the conversation on the front page in the coming months. And so there are these three impulses that have led to an astonishing level of leaks - the kind that Presidents George W. Bush and President Obama really sought to ensure didn't happen. It's news in a foreign capital when a deputy assistant secretary of state gives a speech there-days of news, during which that country's pundits and politicians comb through that relatively unimportant American official's words looking for clues about America's feelings about and relations with it. And Trump's friends say he has expressed an optimistic tone on the phone, thinking the mood was improving.

Even if the perp is caught, and proves to be an Obama holdover no longer on the job, no foreign leader can ever again be confident that what he tells a United States president won't be blared across the Internet for all to see.

And why should we feel good about trusting our well-being to Washington, when Washington is full of people like this and those of you who are supposed to be holding them accountable encourage the most dishonest, disloyal behavior - as long as it benefits you?

However, the president refuted the rumors calling it "totally untrue".

Two tweets from Donald Trump, almost a year apart from each other, went viral on Wednesday. On top of news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury for the Trump/Russia investigation, transcripts of Trump's calls with foreign leaders were leaked, and they cast Trump in a less positive light than usual, even by his own standards.

Both documents obtained by The Post contain notes indicating they were reviewed and classified by retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg Jr., who serves as chief of staff on the National Security Council. Clearly here, the public interest far outweighed any damage, which was speculative at best.

"The nature of this particular leak suggests just such a national-security establishment origin".

"I do think the potential for the House to start to think in terms of impeachment is not outside the realm of possibility", she added. The presser was however scheduled before The Washington Post released the transcripts of the presidential conversation. And the exact same principle applies to Trump's calls. This is simply another symptom of it, and you can bet that tomorrow and next week there'll be another shoe dropping, and another shoe dropping, and another shoe dropping, and this will continue going on. The Trump West Wing tradition of aides dropping off articles on the president's desk - then waiting for him to react, with a screaming phone call or a hastily scheduled staff meeting, must stop.

The White House's faulty cooling and heating systems were cited as one of the reasons for the president's untimely leave.

Unfortunately, these traditional American political norms do not apply to Donald Trump.

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