China mulling 'small-scale military ops' against India

Kristopher Drake
August 7, 2017

He told the reporters who were from The Hindu, The Navodaya Times, The Asian Age, Deccan Herald and the Frontline website that China has to once again urge India to immediately and unconditionally pull back its trespassing troops.

On Friday, China Central Television broadcast video it said showed an army unit in an unidentified part of Tibet carrying out live-fire firing exercises in the past few days.

"If China gets access into Bhutanese territory through the Doklam Plateau, through the road that they are trying to construct, then the Chinese forces have easy access to the Indian narrow corridor which connects the Indian mainland to its seven northeastern states, so strategically its very sensitive for India to stop forces coming into that area", Gokhale said.

Over the past month, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has been on the move.

Meanwhile, another editorial in the paper also blamed the Narendra Modi-government of taking the issue lightly.

The editorial added, "India is concerned that the road China was building in Doklam might threaten the security of the Siliguri Corridor", however, it questioned that "how does that justify Indian troops' incursion into another country in utter disregard of worldwide treaties?"

China alleged that India's intrusion into its territory under the pretext of defending Bhutan's territorial claims, has not only violated Beijing's territorial sovereignty, but also challenged Bhutan's sovereignty and independence. India maintained that their troops were on the land of ally Bhutan. "Perhaps India is blinded by her regional hegemony and comments of the Western media, and has started believing that it can behave with a country like China in a way she is dealing with countries in South Asia". India sent its troops to the region in a bid to halt China's construction of the road, and there has been a military standoff between the PLA and the Indian Army ever since.

China and India have always been suspicious of each other, a legacy of the 1962 border war, India's playing host to exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and China's close relations with India's regional rival Pakistan. When asked about the possibility of any backchannel discussions with the United States on the Doklam standoff, Desai said that there were not just backchannel negotiations in play but it was being dealt with at the highest level by President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who talk directly to each other. China cherishes the decade-long peace on the border and wishes not to break it.

The editorial further said, "Modi government's hard line stance is sustained by neither laws nor strength. This administration is recklessly breaking global norms and jeopardizing India's national pride and peaceful development".

"India, which has stirred up the incident, should bear all the consequences".

"It has already been more than a month since the incident, and India is still not only illegally remaining on Chinese territory, it is also repairing roads in the rear, stocking up supplies, massing a large number of armed personnel".

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