US Military Allowed To Shoot Down Drones

Kristopher Drake
August 9, 2017

The Pentagon has given more than 130 USA military bases across the United States the green light to shoot down private and commercial drones that could endanger aviation safety or pose other threats.

If you own a commercial or privately-owned drone, you now fly over any military base at the risk of losing your aircraft.

While the specific actions that the US military can take against drones are classified, they include destroying or seizing private and commercial drones that pose a threat, Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters on Monday. The Pentagon has given the military the green light and new guidelines allowing the military to down drones flying near or over select U.S. military bases.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said the new policy goes further. As reported by Military Times, the policy was first sent out in July, and though the exact contents are classified, it contains details on how to engage with drones when they are approaching or enter a military no-fly zone.

Intercepted drones "could also be seized as well as part of investigations", Capt. Davis said.

Drones have become popular as toys and with hobbyists, and have commercial uses such as aerial photography.

"The 2017 enacted National Defense Authorization Act gave the Departments of Defense and Energy authority to mitigate drones in specific environments and to coordinate with the FAA to safeguard the national airspace system", the FAA said in a statement to CNN. Commercial drones, meanwhile, are expected to grow tenfold during that same period to 442,000 in 2021, according to the report. Specific guidelines on the proper use of drones are listed on the FAA website, he pointed out.

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