Chloe Ayling Promised Captor Sex In Exchange For Her Release

Kristopher Drake
August 10, 2017

News organisations were tipped off about the alleged kidnapping of British model Chloe Ayling at an early stage and police asked for the information to be kept quiet in order to avoid hampering their investigation, it has emerged.

Chloe Ayling, the model who was allegedly drugged and kidnapped for six days in Italy, has apparently turned her back on topless modelling in favour of pursuing a new career.

Ayling said that she just arrived at her home after six days of being with her kidnappers.

The arrest of a suspect in the alleged abduction and Ayling's account of a startling ordeal have garnered worldwide media attention since details about the case emerged over the weekend.

Ayling shot to fame over the weekend after saying she had been auctioned by a criminal gang as a sex slave on the dark web for more than £230,000 but was released when her captors found out she was a mother.

"MD (Herba) tried various sexual advances with me but I always stopped it by putting it off to the future are more intimate knowledge of each other", she said. Fortunately, she was able to get home alive and she spoke out regarding what she went through.

Ayling told police after the ordeal that she'd developed a trusting relationship with her kidnapper who gave her underwear and chocolates.

A suspect in custody, Lukasz Pawel Herba, advertised her "sale" online, while also demanding a $300,000 (£231,000) ransom from Mr Green, according to police. He has been arrested on charges of kidnapping to extort money and falsifying documents, pending an indictment.

Italian police said yesterday they still believed Ms Ayling and were continuing to investigate.

WATCH: Chloe travelled to Milan, Italy, thinking she was going to a photo shoot.

He said: "It seems incredible".

At the same time, Ayling's lawyer, Francesco Pesce has been quieting rumours that the model was in on the alleged kidnapping.

"She went along with what he asked her to do, look at shoes and buy groceries", he told CNN.

She said: "That's what I would like to know, who's behind this".

But people in the Italian village where Chloe Ayling said she was held captive told local media that she and the man went out together. They took her to the British consulate.

On Tuesday, Lorenzo Bucossi, head of the Milan Police Mobile Command unit, told CNN "at this point there is no proof of any collusion".

On July 17, one week after Ayling flew into Milan, a man named Lukasz Pawel Herba reportedly dropped Ayling off at the British consulate in Milan, reportedly after releasing her from bondage.

He also said, as reported by the Associated Press, that the person who made the booking for the photo shoot had "a website, previous pictures, details of his studio, details of what the shoot was going to be, times, locations, fee - everything".

After his arrest in Milan, Herba told police that he cancelled the Paris job when he realized that a group of three Romanians affiliated with the alleged criminal group meant to kidnap Ayling, his official statement says.

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