Google fires diversity memo author

Kristopher Drake
August 10, 2017

News of Pichai's email surfaced just moments before word that Damore had been fired.

Damore continued by addressing possible "non-bias" reasons for more men pursuing leadership jobs than women. "When addressing the gap in representation in the population, we need to look at population level differences in distributions".

"People generally have good intentions, but we all have biases which are invisible to us", Damore wrote.

He also said women generally "prefer jobs in social or artistic areas" while "more men may like coding" and Google's engineering roles shouldn't be altered to cater for those differences.

She said ability at spatial tasks - often cited as a way in which men and women's brains work differently - can be affected by how many videogames the people being studied have played.

Nicole Sanchez, the recently departed head of diversity at GitHub, believes the issue is a complex one. Google's newly hired vice president of diversity, integrity and governance, Danielle Brown, sent out a memo in response to the current dustup.

"James Damore: Writes memo respectfully saying Google suppresses conservative views". But she also said that it needs to work alongside principles of equal employment found in the company code of conduct and anti-discrimination laws.

Several women claim to make $40,000 less than men in the same position, with one woman claiming she earns two-thirds of a male in an identical position.

A debate over the treatment of women in the male-dominated tech industry has raged for months.

Charles Clymer added: "Imagine having a six figure salary w/ insane good benefits @Google and writing a 10 page memo on why diversity bothers you".

"If an employer is met with someone making statements that unabashedly stereotype based on gender and the employer doesn't respond, the employer may be sued by others who say that discriminatory conduct creates a harassing atmosphere", said Philadelphia-based labor lawyer Jonathan Segal of Duane Morris.

Wojcicki went on to explain how her daughter echoed a question that - whether asked outright, whispered quietly or simply lingering in the back of someone's head - has weighed heavily on her in her career in tech and was brought to the forefront last week by the memo.

The memo, which some inside Google jokingly called a "manifesto", was widely shared inside and outside the company.

Who is James Damore and has he apologised?

People on both sides of the debate emerged, speaking out about the role of gender when it comes to working for the tech giant.

He confirmed in an e-mail to Bloomberg that he has been sacked.

"I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don't endorse using stereotypes", it reads. Even calling the memo anti-diversity, as so many of us have done, may be a stretch.

"If we can't have an honest discussion about this, then we can never truly solve the problem".

He has since claimed that his sacking was illegal.

According to The Times, Damore submitted a charge to the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) prior to being fired, which accused Google's upper management of attempting to shame him into silence.

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