Solar eclipse program Aug 21 at La Salle

Phillip Butler
August 20, 2017

Carfagno will be watching from Nashville, one of The Weather Channel's five USA viewing locations, where the eclipse will begin around 11 a.m. ET, and total darkness will take over about 90 minutes later.

While safe, legitimate glasses have the NASA-recommended filters to protect eyes during the eclipse Monday, the fake ones do not, said Shapirio in a statement.

Additionally, Flat Earthers on Twitter seem to think that urging eclipse viewers to use caution while staring into the sun is some kind of NASA ploy to stop people from really seeing whatever it is truthers think is going on up there.

Even though your pets probably won't look at the sun, if it were to happen, it would be harmful for them.

Online, watch your choice of live feeds: our full broadcast, a mobile-optimized broadcast or a dedicated feed of the best views of the solar eclipse at every point of its path across the country.

Preston Wilson, 20, of West Springfield, Massachusetts, said he's never seen an eclipse before. If you see any scratches or damage, do not use them. Safe viewing equipment will be available.

Spring Valley optometrist Jeffrey Blanco said looking at the sun can cause permanent damage to people's eyes.

If a digital experience isn't what you're after, consider one of the cheapest and easiest eclipse viewing tricks: the old pinhole.

After you glance at the sun, turn away and remove your glasses or viewer. So they would have more damage if they were to look directly at it.

The path of totality runs from Depoe Bay, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. Buffalo falls north of the totality line, so the Southern Tier can expect about a 75 percent eclipse, the rest of us about 72 percent. Here in Moscow, totality hovers near the 94 percent mark.

"My husband and I have always loved astronomy since we were little, so I'm very excited", she said.

But just in case, here's where you can find out where it's going to hit and what times to look out for, depending on your location.

Total. Gridlock. Especially in the areas of totality, where thousands of eclipse-chasers will flock to catch a glimpse of the darkness. "Obviously, I would just say anyone who does plan on wearing them needs to make sure they do their homework to make sure this is right for their family", Seth Rose said, Richland County councilmember said. Get to your viewing location well in advance of the eclipse. Luckily she came across a pair on Thursday while attending a dinner.

The last solar eclipse that was visible from London was in May 2012.

Will I even be able to see it?

"A question I've been asked is, 'Can I chase the eclipse?' And the answer is definitely not".

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