AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT's Title Credits are Deeply Political and Very Creepy

Tomas Mccoy
August 23, 2017

The new season of American Horror Story takes place in present day, so the anthology show will now deal with some modern horrors like last year's presidential election.

The trailer (embedded below and via Buzzfeed's Jarrett Wieselman) makes it seem like Cult will be of a much more personal nature. This has us questioning Peter's role in the series, considering Kai in the trailer sounds like he's hellbent on creating terror through people's phobias, like Ally's coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

Making good on Ryan Murphy's promise that Cult will somehow, probably, maybe involve the 2016 presidential election, the teaser opens with a couple (played by Sarah Paulson and Allison Pill) and their son watching the election results come in from their lovely home in MI.

For those who are still unaware, Peters plays one-half of lovers Kai and Ally, the latter of which will be played by Sarah Paulson.

Winter admits to Kai (the leader of the titular cult?) that nothing fills her with more dread than children, making her apparent gig babysitting Ally and Ivy's son more than suspect. It is also implied that the killer clowns who have been glimpsed in all the promotional material aren't just some freaky imagery. Pill is new to the American Horror Story franchise, so I'm excited to see how her character will play out.

How do you feel about the new series intro for season 7 of American Horror Story? Other big names who have confirmed they're taking part in the season, like Billy Eichner and Colton Hayes, were left off, leading to questions about those actors' involvement, and whether they'll be regulars or just guest stars. Of course, she starts pushing this poor lady's clown fears even further to the brink. This should be a step in the right direction. "It's the most intense physical pain you've ever experienced".

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