Google to bring the Chromebook Pixel back

Randall Craig
August 23, 2017

The website doesn't have a lot in the way of concrete details about the Chromebook, but it does speculate the new device may have been borne out of Project Bison. While all of this would have been featured in the "Bison", it is likely to still be relevant for Google's new product launching beside the Pixel phone.

Word on the grapevine says that Google will have more than just two new Pixel phones to unveil at its hardware event, expected to take place in October. New information coming from a source familiar with Google's plans suggests the company has a new Chromebook Pixel device in the pipeline and a smaller Google Home version.

Are you excited to see a brand new Chromebook Pixel announced later this fall? However, it would make sense for Google to launch both products.

The company's spokesperson opines, "Users around the globe will be in a position to hook up traditional audio systems with voice control, gain access to Google Assistant throughout their houses without necessarily having to spend an extra $129 on a standalone Home speaker or string together a number of Home units".

The move may help Google challenge Amazon's dominance in the growing smart device market. It's not yet clear if the same holds true for the mini Google Home or not. Google Home is already cheaper than the Amazon Echo, but for someone wanting to put devices all over their house or use their own speakers, a smaller gadget with a cheaper price tag stands to be very popular.

A smaller, cheaper update would certainly be a welcome development, if Amazon's success with its Echo Dot is any indicator.

On the Pixel smartphone front, rumours and leaks indicate there will two Pixel phones like the previous year. That Chromebook would have rivaled the MacBook and iPad Pro, as well as the Surface Pro. Purported specs include a fully-rotatable (360-degrees) 12.3-inch screen, up to 128GB of storage, 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and Wacom stylus support.

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