First 100 Hurricane Harvey Evacuees Arrive At Dallas Mega-Shelter

Tomas Mccoy
September 2, 2017

After spending three nights under the same roof, those living inside of the George R. Brown Convention Center were relieved to hear the mayor chose to spread evacuees throughout the building.

The family was reunited at the convention center, where husband and wife swapped stories about their ordeals, including how hard it was to see other families struggling to get through floodwaters. There are long lines for food. Overnight, they slept on cardboard and Army blankets on the floor, but on Tuesday morning an air mattress arrived. An African-American man with blood shot eyes wearing a baseball cap approached him and mumbled a question, "Have you seen anybody walking around here with my identification?"

"I'm not saying it's going to happen, but we've been asked to prepare for numbers that could be up in the tens of thousands", Rawlings said. The child was rescued clinging to her dead mother, authorities said. "Texas is going to get a chance to finally dry out as this system pulls out". About 250 buses are on standby to bring in people, he said. "It was sad seeing all those kids". Fortunately, her home - four miles from the convention center - hasn't flooded, so she's volunteering her time. "I can't find my two dogs. I'm waiting for my son to pick me up", she said.

"Everybody on the school bus with me, they done gone home".

Now she's anxious about what comes next.

Feltgen said there's still a lot of residents in multiple states "who are going to feel the impacts of the storm".

Swollen rivers in east Texas aren't expected to crest until later this week, and federal officials are already predicting the deadly Tropical Storm Harvey will drive 30,000 people into shelters and spur 450,000 victims to seek some sort of disaster assistance.

On Tuesday, a pair of 70-year-old reservoir dams overflowed for the first time because of the overwhelming amount of rainfall.

Osteen said on Twitter that the church was inaccessible due to flooding. This is a slow rise. "But it does mean we need to expand our capabilities and our capacity".

Some neighborhoods were still in danger of more flooding.

The city says the mega-shelter will be ready for evacuees in a matter of days. The message said, "GET OUT NOW!" The situation could get worse when Harvey moves toward the upper Texas coast again this week. Hundreds of thousands of people are now under evacuation orders.

Turner said at a news conference that there is no reason for people to be on the streets during those hours.

She said she learned from a friend whose home was destroyed in Katrina that breakable valuables like china could be stored and kept safely in a locked dishwasher. Evacuees may also take showers in shower trailers parked near the convention center, Rubinson said.

"I saw a lady check in with six cats", she said. Those who go to the convention center will have access to medical care, a pharmacy with free prescriptions provided by Walmart and charging stations for their phones, Rawlings said. The breach caused officials to immediately call for residents to evacuate. Even a "little baby" was on the floor next to them, she described.

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