Hurricane Harvey dogs are available for adoption at San Diego Humane Society

Phillip Butler
September 8, 2017

HHS is calling out to all potential adopters and foster parents to lend a hand in taking care of the animals in the shelter, due to low adoption rates. Pets will arrive September 16 and the no-kill shelter is also taking donations for food to be sent back down to the south. A Santa Monica-based animal rescue organization flew 30 dogs affected by Tropical Storm Harvey from Texas to the Los Angeles area over the weekend in hopes of getting them adopted.

The animals being sent away from the flooded region are not family pets rescued from the flooding, but those impounded before Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast of Texas on August 25.

There is a possibility HSUS may attempt to get another measure included in the farm bill that would provide protections for pets in domestic violence cases.

Due to Hurricane Harvey, most of the department's resources are over inundated and local staff has to focus on the 400 animals already at the shelter, according to Tallulah Trice, director of Beaufort County Animal Services. Some are under a rabies quarantine, and others entered the facility too recently as strays, not giving their owners sufficient time to claim them.

Archer said the biggest challenge will be heartworm, as some cats and dogs in shelters in southern states test positive for the potentially fatal disease. Adopters who anticipate adopting should bring a hard-sided carrier to safely bring the dog, puppy or cat home. "Seventy-five dogs will be coming from Texas".

MARL officials said they were glad to help out. "With social media, sometimes our dogs only stay one day", Barr said.

"It's wonderful to see all of these people and groups come together to help the animals affected by this storm", said Aaron Johnson, director, Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

These Harvey dogs will be eligible for adoption in two weeks, after they have been examined by a veterinarian, said Pam Comer, Pet Refuge president.

"Those were well-intentioned animal effort rescue efforts, but moving animals away from their families has a lasting impact", she said. She plans to fill up the empty crates from Paws 4 Life with food donations to take back to Louisiana.

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