Democrat defends involvement in Trump voting commission

Kristopher Drake
September 15, 2017

Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) by an even smaller margin (1,017 votes), with approximately 5,000 votes now being under investigation for being cast by non-New Hampshire residents. Even if it does make recommendations, he said, the commission can't force states to adopt them.

President Trump's Voting Integrity Commission unexpectedly revealed important evidence suggesting that a return to paper ballots is the only way to prevent the possibility of major fraud from sophisticated hacking efforts.

The Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate said in the article that it appeared the New Hampshire U.S. Senate race - in which Republican incumbent Kelly Ayotte was narrowly defeated by Democrat Maggie Hassan - "was stolen through voter fraud".

On Tuesday, Kobach acknowledged that New Hampshire allows college students and others to vote in the state without getting driver's licenses if they consider the state their domicile.

In response to the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation urging Secretary of State Bill Gardner to resign from the USA election commission, Gardner is saying, no, he wants to stay to help gather and assess all of the data, so there can be a dialog that will find the truth.

Kobach pointed to New Hampshire's same-day registration law as a weakness in its election security because more than 6,000 same-day registrants used out-of-state driver's licenses to vote in New Hampshire.

As the meeting got underway Tuesday, Kobach said he will address that issue further, as will Gardner. According to New Hampshire law, a new resident has 60 days to obtain a New Hampshire driver's license.

"The specter of extreme political partisanship already threatens our ability to reach a consensus", Gardner said.

In the run-up to the meeting, Kobach wrote an article for the discredited Breitbart website that recycled President Trump's bogus claim about thousands of illegal votes being cast previous year in New Hampshire. "After my own participation as a member, I'm confident that all members of the commission are committed to uncovering the truth about election integrity".

Democratic California Secretary of State Alex Padilla says he's disappointed but not surprised that the panel won't hear any testimony from women or people of color.

A spokesman for the commission didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The incident illustrated one of the main problems the panel faces as it goes forward with its stated mission of finding ways to instill more public confidence in USA elections: The voting process is complicated and data are hard to come by, a point several witnesses emphasized on Tuesday.

Trump formed the commission to support his professed belief that his presidential opponent previous year, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, won millions of votes from people who were not authorized to vote, had not properly registered as voters or voted multiple times. Unsurprisingly, New Hampshire voters who have out-of-state licenses live most frequently in college towns.

Uproar has become standard practice for the fraud panel, officially called the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

- Enact federal regulations that make it a felony for a voter to be registered to vote in more than one county or parish, regardless of whether they vote in more than one location on election day or not. The panel heard from several witnesses who have conducted studies that they say show numerous cases of people voting a few times, or noncitizens casting ballots illegally. He said it would have been easy to go vote in NY in place of those people.

Despite the GOP's insistence that voter fraud is a real epidemic, there has been no evidence that voter fraud happens with any sort of regularity, much less en masse. "This is an important first ruling in what will be an ongoing adjudication that we believe will lead to the law being upheld", said Jasper.

"All the commission is doing is collecting data", Kobach said.

Gardner is the nation's longest-serving secretary of state and has been re-elected by Democratic and Republican legislatures, largely due to his advocacy for keeping the state's primary first in the presidential nominating process.

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