Google may unveil Pixel 2 on October 4

Randall Craig
September 15, 2017

"If users went to Google today the search bar and logo weren't the only things on the page" Ask more of your phone. Users in the United Kingdom are still getting refurbished Nexus 6P phones. But as much as I want to live in a wireless future, we aren't there yet, and ditching the headphone jack will be bad for most people. The latest turn of events is in line with Wednesday developments which saw a new billboard advertising the upcoming launch of Google's next-generation Android flagships.

Apple may have stolen the thunder with the iPhone X announcement, but Google certainly knows how to bring itself back into the limelight. Interestingly, Taiwanese news site Commercial Times last week reported that Google is in the final stages of acquiring HTC's smartphone business. The Pixel 2 smartphone too was spotted in the FCC listing recently giving hints on the Android OS version and what could be one of key highlight of the device.

Why is my phone always out of storage?

Nexus 6P will probably soon reach its EOL (end of life) status, as the phone is most likely not being manufactured any longer.

Some questions, like the battery, temperature and camera, could be referring to improvements the Pixel 2 will offer.

Google's confirmation comes just two days after Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The company is also ramping up its PR campaign, as Droid-life confirms that there are already huge billboards going up in the U.S. with statements like "ask more of your phone". The larger XL model will be provided by LG, according to rumors, and the smaller Pixel device will be an entry-level device. The company did the same thing past year with a large silhouette of the Pixel device that was spotted in New York City.

The detail that suggests that the application is for the Pixel XL 2 is the GO11C model number referenced, which is close to the Pixel 2's GO11A.

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