Epic Accidentally Let PS4 And Xbox One Players Battle Together On Fortnite

Phillip Butler
September 19, 2017

News of this flooded Reddit and other social media platforms days ago but until now it wasn't verified. "We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected", is what Epic stated, meaning this issue wasn't an act of defiance or anything malicious. This whole saga first began when Rocket League developer Psyonix suggested that enabling cross play between the two consoles would be a simple endeavor, with Sony turning around and denying such a move. In that case, it's interesting that there hasn't been an official announcement - you'd think that after months of saying no and disappointing players, Sony would want to announce that cross play is possible in Fortnite. Conversely, Xbox gamer tags can't have underscores. The biggest piece of evidence came when a player on PS4 killed someone and noticed there were spaces in the player name.

Another Reddit user called "PyroBlack76" posted a picture of himself playing the game on an Xbox One against his son on an Playstation 4. But since allowing cross-console play seems to be so easy that a company like Epic can do it by mistake, lots of players are now asking why the hell there are so many roadblocks to getting the feature. However, this username was found on Xbox Live. (Microsoft declined to comment for this article and Sony has not responded to a request for comment).

KitGuru Says: Cross-platform play between Xbox One and PS4 makes the most sense, which is why it's so odd that Sony is so opposed to it but open to cross-play with PCs.

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