How to Fix iOS 11 WiFi Issues on iPhone & iPad - Guide

Randall Craig
September 22, 2017

Allowing customization isn't exactly something Apple has been known for. "Also sending messages is a little slower I think". Those sent you to a separate App Store.

The control center in iOS 11 is completely renovated.

It's interesting to note that iOS 11 has a built-in screen recording feature. If you want Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can have them both.

But now it lives up to its name.

From contacts to app data, everything that can be searched using Spotlight on the iPhone needs to be re-categorised and sorted by the operating system. While iPhone owners won't see much change, iPad owners should "put everything down and download iOS 11 right now", according to Fortune. To do this, head over to Settings Control Center and Customise Controls.

Yes. If you move location, it will assume you want to reconnect. This is huge for YouTube channels that make iPhone tutorials. Well not really. It's merely been merged with the lock screen so it's not really a separate thing. So when you take a screenshot, a small preview window appears in the bottom left of the screen. That's done by double tapping and then swiping up or down - the same way it works on Google Maps, if you've ever used that. They should know their app stopped working. You can access each of your cloud and phone documents from one location. So, if you instantly disable them with the help of the Toggle button, all these services will itself turned off which is not a good thing for the users.

Siri has been given a nice upgrade to her voice. It's a neat trick that you'll rarely use. You can also try restarting the device in DFU mode, where you basically do the same as a forced restart, but hold the Home button down while releasing the Power button.

First off, the phone will now recognise QR codes, allowing you simply to point it at one and go where it suggests.

And second, Apple has added a range of new features for editing and manipulating Live Photos. We'll be back at a later date with a review of those features.

If you line these two up perfectly, it will mean that your photo is exactly level. You can also bounce back and forth (similar or exactly the same as the Boomerang feature on Instagram).

The connectivity confusion was apparently done intentionally by Apple, who state on their website that iOS 11 won't shut down Wi-Fi just by clicking it off.

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