South Korea, US agree on putting more pressure on North Korea: Seoul

Kristopher Drake
September 22, 2017

They underlined the severity of the last missile test carried out by North Korea on September 15 during which it fired a medium-range missile that travelled about 3,700 km and flew over northern Japan. -South Korea exercise in October as muscle flexing continues to intensify around the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea bitterly denounced new sanctions on its economy as "vicious, unethical and inhumane" and warned the measures would only accelerate progress on its nuclear weapons program, state media reported on Monday. Leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to fire missiles into waters near Guam, home to USA military bases in the Pacific.

The Spanish government has asked North Korea's ambassador to leave Madrid before the end of the month.

The Moon-Gentiloni meeting marked the first of its kind since the South Korean leader took office in May.

Pyongyang will celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the foundation of the Workers' Party of Korea on October 10, and experts in South Korea, the United States and Japan expect North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to hold another military demonstration to raise morale among the population and show off the country's military capabilities.

Seoul is within artillery range of North Korea, which is also believed to have a sizable chemical and biological arsenal beyond nuclear and conventional weapons. He previously said the idea should be "deeply considered" by the allies, inflaming already-heated debate on the issue.

Members of the administration have repeatedly emphasized that a range of military options are on the table and Mattis said Monday that the United States possess military options that would not put Seoul at risk of a North Korean counterattack with the potential to kill tens of thousands of civilians.

Military options available to Trump range from non-lethal actions like a naval blockade aimed at enforcing sanctions to waging cyber attacks and positioning new US weaponry in South Korea, where the United States has 28,500 troops.

North Korea "must immediately cease making reckless choices that could lead to its own isolation and downfall and choose the path of dialogue", Moon said.

Zeman has also criticised the dictatorial regime in North Korea. Other potential options are a naval blockade of North Korea, or a deployment of additional troops to the region.

"We have to look at that capability of North Korea as a matter of when, not if", Hyten, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, said at a Hudson Institute forum.

Tensions on the peninsula could increase further over the next few weeks.

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