Nintendo SNES Classic just launched, and it's already selling out

Randall Craig
October 1, 2017

It comes loaded with 20 plus classic Super NES games, including versions of Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

Global News spent the morning speaking with local gamers trying to pick up one of the new Nintendo consoles, with most people reporting they were already sold out across Winnipeg.

The controller cables on the SNES are substantially longer than on Nintendo's last nostalgia console, the NES Classic, which suffered greatly from too-short cables. The SNES Classic is and will be in equally high demand, and in the months leading up to its release yesterday, its development has been followed by reports both promising and troubling.

We're lucky that not just the games of those times are being remastered, but also things like the SNES.

The SNES Classic Releases Tomorrow and How Can You Get One

This new controller is up for pre-order on Amazon starting today, with a retail price of $24.99 which is pretty good considering you're probably not going to find wired options for much cheaper. As a bonus, the game package also includes a never-released sequel to "Star Fox", one of the first three-dimensional games developed by Nintendo. If you're on the fence about taking on the hunt for this mini console, here are a few reasons why it would be worth your time.

The good news is that 8bitdo is releasing a wireless controller for the SNES Classic Edition, which looks nearly like the native one but with a slightly grayer face. As with the NES Classic, Nintendo lets you "suspend" games in progress, so you don't have to wait to get to a save point in a game.

The SNES Classic Mini will feature 21 games. While it's not possible to add or remove games from the system, with such a well-rounded variety of games, you shouldn't have to. Keep in mind that some of these official accessories may be as hard to find as the SNES Classic, so if you see one, snatch it up.

A report on Polygon read, "Today's pattern seems clear: While the online pre-order meltdown was stressful, frustrating and seemed nearly actively hostile, the retail experience was anything but".

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