After dinner with military commanders, Trump hints at "calm before the storm"

Kristopher Drake
October 7, 2017

During his address at the meeting with senior United States military officials on October 5, Donald Trump believes that Iran has not lived up to the "spirit" of the global agreement. On Thursday Trump also said he intends to drop out of the Iran nuclear deal because he said Iran has not lived up to its side of the bargain.

"The Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence and chaos across the Middle East", Trump said during the meeting.

The White House, according to the report, has been discussing ways to "strengthen" the Iranian nuclear agreement, congressional aides and others said, adopting a "fix it or nix it" approach advocated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Under the USA law, Trump has until October 15 to certify that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal.

Trump gave no hint what he could be referencing. If he argues that Iran is not in compliance, that could cause an American withdrawal from the global pact.

Trump had said he has made up his mind already, but did not tell the European leaders his decision, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, who reportedly asked him at a bilateral meeting at the United Nations last month.

While everyone was posing for the photo, Trump delivered a cryptic message to press saying, it might be the "calm before the storm".

The agreement primarily calls on Iran to curb its uranium enrichment program so it can no longer be able to build a nuclear bomb.

It is believed that Trump would not recommend the Congress to re-impose sanctions in order to reach a compromise with many congressional leaders who stand for keeping the deal at least with some changes.

Earlier in the evening, while seated with the top defense officials in the cabinet room, Trump talked about the threat from North Korea and preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Mr Trump has until 15 October to decide. Trump asked. "Maybe it's the calm before the storm".

The White House has not yet responded to requests for clarification of Trump's comments.

Trump made the remark without being questioned by reporters, asking them: "You guys know what this represents?" He accused Iran of not living up to the deal.

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