Head, legs of missing journalist Kim Wall found by divers, police say

Kristopher Drake
October 8, 2017

He originally said he had dropped Wall off in Copenhagen alive before the sinking, but he later changed his account to say she died in an accident aboard the submarine.

Ms Wall's torso was found in the sea off Copenhagen 11 days after she boarded Peter Madsen's submarine on 10 August.

The owner of the submarine, Peter Madsen, is in pre-trial detention on suspicion of Wall's murder. He denies the assertion and has called her passing a mischance.

But Jensen said the decapitated head contradicted Madsen's version of events.

There were no signs of fracture or blunt force trauma to the skull, according to Møller Jensen.

Wall's cause of death hasn't yet been established yet.

However, it did show multiple mutilation wounds to Wall's genitals.

Earlier this week investigators found that Madsen had images "which we presume to be real" of women being strangled and decapitated on a computer in a laboratory he ran.

Madsen however insisted the hard drive did not belong to him.

Madsen was later captured and held in guardianship on doubt of murdering Wall. The charge sheet affirms Madsen cut Wall's body into pieces, punctured her middle and attached pipes to it to influence it to sink to the base of the ocean.

Remedy: This story has been refreshed to clear up that some of Wall's remaining parts were found in a different sack from her apparel. Møller Jensen said they also found a weighted bag containing a knife and Wall's clothing, socks and shoes. "Around dinnertime we found one leg, and then another leg".

Her head was in a bag along with two legs.

He said the police would continue to search for her arms.

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