Action Launcher brings Pixel 2's style to any Android phone

Randall Craig
October 9, 2017

Google has managed to provide a great camera for sure, but what really makes a big leap in the performance of the phone's camera is its artificial intelligence that's giving it a palpable lead over Apple's brilliant camera chops.

Google has defended its decision to scrap the 3.5mm audio jack from the new Google Pixel 2, suggesting that the phone still has a headphone jack. Notwithstanding, the opening of the front camera incorporated into the iPhone 8 Plus is better than the Google Pixel 2, showing that it will tend to take better photos in darker conditions.

With the Google Pixel 2 XL having emerged, we now naturally know everything of effect about this smartphone contender.

While this isn't new for Google, considering our recent experiences, we still believe that Google is getting ready for a paradigm switch and we can't wait to see what they have prepared for us during Google's Pixel launch event. The app already lets you translate spoken and written words to dozens of languages, but when using the Buds and your phone in conjunction you can have a conversation with someone speaking a foreign language in real time. One of se features is automatic switch to uncomfortable mode while driving vehicle that comes with IOS 11. The Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, is a bit pricey with its $849 price-tag. You can just give the phone a quick squeeze, and ask for what you need. On-screen instructions in their language will tell them to speak, and their words will get translated into your ears via the Pixel Buds.

Priced at United States $159, the Pixel Buds are being compared to the Apple EarPods. You can always get the chargers from Amazon.

Talking about the functionality, with Googe Lens you'll be able to look up landmarks, books, music albums, movies, and artwork, right from Google Photos on your Pixel. A forward-swipe skips to the next song. We can all remember how long it took to get Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant after being launched on Pixel and Pixel XL.

Located at the back of each earbud, the cable loop presses against the inside of the ear to prevent the earbud from dislodging.

However, it has Apple beat on the translation capacity, small, battery-charging case and sleek design. Forty translation languages are supported, although this only works with Google's Pixel smartphones. Both sets of wireless earbuds promise quick pairing, and both claim to last 5 hours on one charge, with charging cases providing up to 24 hours of listening time. Smart home routines enable users to manage their connected devices by speaking a single command to Google Assistant.

Not to be outdone by Apple's talking poop emoji feature, Google is adding AR stickers, so you can add things like virtual coffee to your videos and photos.

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