AMC Debuts First Walking Dead Crossover Teaser Image

Tomas Mccoy
October 9, 2017

"There is one character that is going to go from one show - that I will not name - and appear in the other show - that I will not name". The upcoming premiere will be the 100th episode of the popular show.

"There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name, to another show, that I will not name", he told the panel.

During the panel, the cast shared that a crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead is officially in the works!

Fans of "The Walking Dead" and its prequel, "Fear the Walking Dead", have long speculated that the two AMC shows could cross over, and now the man who wrote the original comics has thrown those zombie enthusiasts a bone.

It turns out there is a crossover planned between "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead" in the future...

Asked the question once more by host Chris Hardwick, Kirkman said: 'I'm really excited because I get this question all the time.

Kirkman himself teased that there are multiple ways this crossover could unfurl: "Are we going to see an interesting backstory of the Walking Dead character showing up in Fear the Walking Dead?" he taunted Saturday night. "Things like Daryl not being available in the comic, Clementine only being available in the games, and I think if we cross-pollenate too much, it takes away from what makes Walking Dead special in all the different genres".

The scene pays tribute to the first-ever scene from The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) is seen searching for petrol.

Details about the crossover are being kept under wraps, but Kirkman revealed that one character will cross over between the two shows.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT and is a production of Square Head Pictures created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. "Hopefully there have been points where you go, 'Is this it?"

The Walking Dead returns with its Season 8 premiere on October 22, 2017 at 9PM EST on AMC. Or is it going to be something completely different from that?'

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