SNP calls on Spain to recognise Catalan independence referendum result

Kristopher Drake
October 10, 2017

He said that also includes bringing Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution into effect, which allows the central government to take control of the governance of a region "if the regional government does not comply with the obligations of the Constitution".

Catalonia, which has its own language and culture and is led by a pro-independence regional government, held the referendum over secession in defiance of Spain's constitutional court which had declared the vote illegal. Videos of police pulling voters out by their hair and kicking them on stairs flashed around the world.

Sandra White MSP, who was in Catalonia, criticised the inaction from the European Union following the vote. "So we have to raise our voices and say loud and clear that we do not want independence". Notwithstanding, over 90 percent voted for independence.

"While the Spanish authorities, as you all know, put a great deal of effort into making that vote as hard as ever, the Catalans responded in a way I'd never seen before: by making paella". Spain cried foul and most governments backed Madrid.

If it became independent, Catalonia would automatically be excluded from the european Union, it could join only after a new accession process.

The anti-independence demonstration, which included Catalans and people from other parts of Spain, underlined how the dispute has riven the region itself.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of residents have thronged onto the streets every September 11, a Catalan holiday, to demand independence. Yet turnout was only 43%, as most unionists boycotted the ballot. "They were putting it in Spanish banks. As a matter of global law, the disproportionate use of force is not lawful, and what happened on the streets of Catalonia was not lawful".

On Tuesday King Felipe addressed the nation in a televised speech but failed to acknowledge the violence perpetrated against Catalan voters, and said nothing of the need for mediation to resolve the crisis.

While Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy did not attend but expressed his support in a tweet, a number of heavyweights from the ruling Partido Popular, including the president of the Madrid region, Cristina Cifuentes, took part.

A split raises dozens of questions with no answers yet. The vote also did not include the votes from the rest of Spain and was deemed unconstitutional as a result.

Located in the northeast of Spain, Catalonia is recognized as one of the country's most prosperous regions - not only economically, but culturally. "If independence were to be recognized - which is not something that's being discussed - the most immediate effect would be that (Catalonia) automatically left the European Union", she said.

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