Republicans to Trump and Corker: Please just stop

Kristopher Drake
October 12, 2017

Sunday evening, after the senator and president traded insults on Twitter, Corker said he feared Trump's impulsiveness on the world stage might put the planet "on the path to World War III". "I don't think so at all", he said.

In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly last month, Trump threatened that the United States "will have no choice but to totally destroy" DPRK if forced to defend itself or its allies.

- If Tennessee Senator Bob Corker thought retirement might be the easy way out of Washington, he may have to reconsider his rather surprising decision. After the outbreak of violent protests in Charlottesville, Va., Corker said that he didn't feel that Trump had demonstrated the "competence" or "stability" needed for a successful presidency.

"Every single day at the White House", Corker said, "it's a situation of trying to contain him". Trump later picked the much taller Rex Tillerson for the job.

A White House official denied the report. "The people of this country want tax cuts, they want lower taxes". He added, "I know [Trump] has hurt, in several instances, he's hurt us as it relates to negotiations that were underway by tweeting things out". Steve Bannon, Trump's former chief strategist who was let go from the White House earlier this year, called on the senator to resign in response.

Corker was a prominent supporter of Trump's 2016 campaign and one of the few Republicans with gravitas willing to embrace the reality television star's candidacy before he won the GOP nomination. Corker also helped tutor Trump on foreign affairs, and he in turn considered the senator as a possible running mate and secretary of state.

Corker's comments have already infuriated Trump's base.

President Donald Trump is not backing down from his feud with Sen.

"Reporters pressed Sanders on the claim, noting that Corker originally opposed the deal and that he led a bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill to have the deal reviewed by Congress, against Obama's wishes".

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