Alexa can now distinguish between voices

Phillip Butler
October 13, 2017

Back in April, Google Home gained the ability to recognize individual voices, which allows the device to personalize its response for everyone in your house or apartment.

As of now, voice recognition is rolling out to Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices. The company posted a video on its Help Page that will give you additional details about how to set up Alexa Voice Profiles and different ways that you can use them. The new feature started to roll out yesterday. (AMZN) is seen as the clear victor, with an estimated 68% of smart speakers sold this year expected to run on its Alexa technology. With that said, we believe Alexa will be showing off the same prowess in other devices which doesn't support the feature now, like the Fire TV remote to name one. So if you instruct it to call John, it will call your friend, not your roommates.

For the time being, Alexa will take advantage of its new skill to personally tailor calls/messages, flash briefings, shopping activities and music playback via the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan.

Tap begin, then pick the device you want to teach from the drop-down menu.

Alexa has been able to handle multiple accounts before, you had to switch between them using the Alexa app.

As TechCrunch first reported, the technology giant released an update that brought the change to both its own Echo smart speaker as well as any other device with Alexa built in.

Now you will be shown 10 phrases to read outloud, so that Alexa can learn your voice.

Sales of voice-activated wireless speakers are set to surge this holiday season as a raft of devices from established and new competitors hit the market, a research firm predicted Thursday.

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