Resident Evil Revelations On Switch Has Cool Retro Mini-Games

Randall Craig
October 21, 2017

Resident Evil Revelations and its sequel are set for release on the Nintendo Switch in November.

The game is titled Ghost Ship Panic. You can you purchase via retail with Resident Evil Revelations on the cartridge and a download code for Resident Evil Revelations 2.

The second is Ghouls 'n Homunculi, which puts a Revelations spin on Capcom's Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

In Ghost Ship Panic, players have to shoot zombies and other creatures that come walking down the screen, and they can earn BP to use on the assault mode by improving their score.

What's cool is that these mini-games can be played during the game's loading screens and will reward players with Battle Points, a currency used in the Raid modes for Resident Evil Revelations.

Ghost Ship Panic is a first-person shooter reminiscent of titles like House of the Dead while Ghouls 'n Homunculi is a Ghouls n'Ghosts-inspired mini-game that puts the player in the role of Barry Burton.

As you can see from the Tweet embedded above, a physical edition of the game will also be available sometime in 2018.

Resident Evil 7 launched with critical acclaim, however, the game failed to meet Capcom's sales expectations of 4 Million units sold by March 2017, however, the game has now shipped 4 million units but, still its way behind Capcom's expectations of the game's lifetime sales.

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