Actress Rose McGowan says her silence over on sexual assault

Tomas Mccoy
October 31, 2017

Rodriguez described confronting Weinstein with McGowan over the role at a party.

McGowan tweeted, "Bye bye, Spacey goodbye, it's your turn to cry, that's why we've gotta say goodbye".

McGowan says that she was tempted to take the offer, but instead countered with a demand for $6 million in an effort to either gain a incredibly large sum from him, or simply annoy him. He died eight years ago.

The New York Times's original story alleged that McGowan had reached a $100,000 (£76,000) settlement with Weinstein following an incident in a hotel room during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.

A source told the New York Times that someone close to Weinstein approached the actress, offering the sum in exchange for her signing an NDA-effectively, buying her silence. Ultimately, she made a decision to decline the offer one day before The New York Times broke a story in which multiple women in Hollywood accused Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Weinstein, 65, has "unequivocally denied" allegations of non-consensual sex and is suing TWC for access to his company emails in order to defend himself. Do you think it's really going to stick?' And I do; I do, actually.

Now actress Amber Tamblyn, who has been a vocal advocate against sexism and sexual assault in Hollywood, said that she personally told Tarantino to come forward with what he knew. I have been slut-shamed.

It was a powerful speech by McGowan, and one that will surely carry a lot of resonance, coming at the same time as several high-profile men have found themselves publicly accused of sexual assault and harassment.

"There are many incredible men in our business, and as soon as all this happened, I received so many emails from first ADs and a sound mixer and Harvey Hanson who created Bones, these men wrote to me and said, 'I can not believe I've been existing this way, and I will never run a set the same way again". I have been harassed.

Hollywood may seem like it's an isolated thing, but it's not.

The actress has become the leading voice against the sexual assault or harassment in the Hollywood industry.

"Ew, gross, you're disgusting, I don't want your money, that would make me feel disgusting."

That deal was not an admission of guilt but rather created to avert litigation and "buy peace", said the Times, which said it had seen the document.

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