StarCraft II Is Going Free to Play

Randall Craig
November 4, 2017

On 14 November, the Wings of Liberty single-player campaign and every Co-op Commander will be available to everyone for free.

The solo campaign for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will continue the epic saga where it left off in StarCraft: Brood War. If you buy or have previously bought the original Wings of Liberty campaign before November 14, then you will also have free access to the zerg-focused Heart of the Swarm campaign - so long as you logon between November 8th and December 8th to claim it.

In addition, everyone will get access to the game's ranked ladder, as well as all the latest units and balance updates through the latest release in the series, Legacy of the Void. With the massive Wings of Liberty single-player campaign, endlessly replayable co-op mode, prestigious ranked ladder, comprehensive map-making tools, and more, StarCraft II now delivers the ultimate real-time strategy experience completely free.

Blizzard has done similar promotions before, including multiple free weekends of play for their popular first person shooter Overwatch. Between an active community and expansion packs, the game grew to be one of the biggest names in eSports, however, Blizzard later shifted resources to other projects. All competitive multiplayer content will also be unlocked for free.

It's tough to believe StarCraft 2 came out way back in 2010.

This means that both of the most critically acclaimed games in the Starcraft franchise-Brood War and Starcraft 2-are now readily available to the public without any cost whatsoever. The news was formally announced by Blizzard during the 2017 Blizzcon opening ceremonies. All you have to do to unlock it permanently is earn 10 First Wins of the Day in Unranked or Versus A.I. play. If you have already bought any of those, then you'll soon be receiving an exclusive Ghost skin and three new portrait options.

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