Thanks To Hidden Valley, You Can Now Buy A Keg Of Ranch

Tammy Harvey
November 9, 2017

But the keg isn't all, they have a whole holiday collection.

- Just in time for your holiday parties or White Elephant gift exchange, Hidden Valley is selling a mini keg of ranch dressing.

The shipment arrives with 12 bottles of ranch that its proud new owner can use to fill the keg on an as-needed basis.

The FDA-approved mini kegs are being unveiled as part of its Christmas line, WKYT reported.

And this isn't the only product Hidden Valley released for the ranch-obsessed.

The ranch keg stands at around 10 inches tall and apparently holds 5 liters of dressing. And Hidden Valley notes that the kegs are "stackable", in the event that you'd need more than one...

Only preorders are now available and the kegs will start shipping out to customers on December 11.

If you think you might run out of ranch dressing, think again.

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