Xbox One X Launches Worldwide This Week

Phillip Butler
November 9, 2017

Microsoft's Xbox One X was released into the wild just yesterday, but already some users are reporting that their consoles have died after just a few hours of use. Sarah Needleman from The Wall Street Journal tweeted about the news while posing an important question about the sales: Did Xbox One X buyers clean GameStop's massive supply, or did GameStop just not have enough consoles to sell?

Xbox One X will also support PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, one of the biggest PC games of the year, when it launches as a console exclusive on December 12. Players can pick up the World of Tanks X Edition Starter Kit for free in the Microsoft Store. With 4K gameplay, improved frame rates, and faster loading times, the Xbox One X is certainly a tempting console but, as Xbox head Phil Spencer said, it's created to appeal more to gaming connoisseurs.

Odell Beckham Jr. seen at World's Most Powerful Console Xbox One X Worldwide Launch at the Fifth Ave.

Some lucky fans were blessed with not only an Xbox One X but an opportunity to challenge each celebrity to a game on the system. The games being available on all of the console lineup makes it hard for devs to focus exclusively on the more powerful console, much more like how optimization works on PC. Many of them reported the same story that they had used their console for a while and turned it off, only to try to turn it back on again later and find that it had died.

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