Conor McGregor Invades Cage After Fight, Argues With Ref, Swats At Official

Beth Cruz
November 11, 2017

Having seemingly earned a knockout victory (over which there was dispute), Ward was immediately greeted by McGregor, who had stormed the cage in a fit of passion. And that's when things escalated.

The Irish MMA superstar, who was not a licensed cornerman for the match, started screaming at Goddard.

Conor McGregor has just gone berserk on a referee. However, Goddard pulled McGregor off Ward. He eventually got to Goddard and continued to point his finger at him and Goddard slightly pushed him again.

FYI, Goddard ordered McGregor to leave cageside last time Lobov fought in the that's probably what set Conor off.

McGregor didn't take kindly to Goddard's direction and shoved him before exiting the cage.

Steven Muehlhausen is an MMA and boxing writer and contributor for Sporting News. Upon being confronted, McGregor slaps the the official before his teammate Ward runs over to him.

McGregor was escorted away and, after standing in front of the crowd with arms aloft, he walked away but then decided to make another effort to the cage, shouting "That was a fucking stoppage" as security officials again swarmed around him.

One can expect McGregor (21-3) to face serious discipline for putting his hands on an official, which could jeopardize his return date, which UFC had hoped would be December 30 for the promotion's New Year's Eve weekend card in Las Vegas.

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