Donald Trump feels insulted being called 'old' by Kim Jong Un

Kristopher Drake
November 13, 2017

Trump is overseas on a 12-day Asia-Pacific trip during which he has been meeting with regional leaders with a heavy emphasis on curbing North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. So, as the president finishes the last leg of his Asia trip, he made a decision to take to Twitter and bash North Korean Kim Jong-un "short and fat".

President Donald Trump is exchanging school yard taunts with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

The United States has been sending its strategic assets, also including long-range bombers, to the region more frequently for patrols or drills amid accelerating North Korean efforts to expand its nuclear weapons program.

"Even though we are not, some of us, we are not satisfied with his too much rhetoric rather than some sober approach on this issue", it can help to put pressure on North Korea, Lee said.

Following his stop in South Korea, the President travelled on to China - North Korea's biggest ally and trading partner.

"I say to the North: Do not underestimate us, and do not try us", he said.

North Korea is not known to have tested any of its missiles or nuclear devices since September 15, a relative lull after a brisk series of tests earlier this year.

And in a warning directed at young dictator Kim, he said: "The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer".

Trump and Kim have engaged in name-calling in recent months as tensions between the two countries increase and North Korea continues expanding its nuclear program.

"Together we have in our power to finally liberate this region and the world from this very serious nuclear menace, but it will require collective action, collective strength and collective devotion to winning the peace", Trump said.

Asked at news conference with Vietnam's president later Sunday if he could become friends with the North Korean leader, Trump replied it "might be a unusual thing to happen but it's certainly a possibility".

Asked if he could see himself being friends with Kim, Trump said: "That might be a unusual thing to happen but it's a possibility".

He said he doesn't know if that friendship will develop, but added it would be "very, very nice if it did". North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear bomb test on September 3, prompting another round of United Nations sanctions.

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