Israel has denied the statement about the downed Russian drone

Kristopher Drake
November 13, 2017

Rami Abdurrahman of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Omar Abu Laila, a Europe-based opposition activist originally from Syria's eastern province, said Saturday that Islamic State fighters are now once again in full control of the town. A US official who requested anonymity said the joint statement shows both leaders back a political solution and peace process. This is in addition to military gatherings, which the Lebanese party Hezbollah established in other posts in Syria. If it hadn't been for the Russian air support, the Iranian militias wouldn't have expanded and wouldn't have survived defeat.

The leaders reaffirmed the importance of de-escalation zones as an interim measure to reduce violence in Syria and called upon all United Nations member states to increase their contributions to meeting humanitarian needs.

The agreement, announced in a U.S.

The drone was downed with a Patriot interceptor missile over the Golan demilitarized zone that has separated Israeli and Syrian forces since the ceasefire deal that followed their 1973 war.

Several drones were shot down over the Golan Heights earlier, some of which were manufactured in Iran and used by Hezbollah, RIA Novosti reported.

Israel has long complained about the involvement of its archenemies Iran and Hezbollah in the Syria war. Both Iranian and Hezbollah forces have been backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian civil war.

Israel sees Hezbollah as an advanced Iranian battalion that's part of the conflict over influence in the Middle East and which is nurtured by the expected agreement to stop fighting in Syria while accepting the Iranians' presence there.

This is the reality, and I do not know how the agreement for ending the war in Syria would tackle it; an agreement that would finish the presence of terrorist groups such Daesh, Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham, but fail to rid Syria from more risky regional militias.

Back in April 2015, Netanyahu officially admitted for the first time that the regime's military had conducted strikes in the Syrian territory.

A UAV was intercepted by a Patriot defense system after it approached Israeli airspace on Saturday. The Revolutionary Guards have solidified the presence of their foreign militias and fighters in their strongholds in Syria, which are about 50 kilometers on the borders of Israel with Golan.

Information for this article was contributed by Ilya Arkhipov, Nick Wadhams and Natasha Doff of Bloomberg News; and by staff members of The Associated Press.

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