Trump, the Fiji water bottle, and Marco Rubio's revenge

Kristopher Drake
November 17, 2017

However, is it just us or is it a bit weird to see the 45th President of the USA pause a live press conference on television to purse his lips and chug back a bottle of water?

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump frequently mocked then-rival Florida Sen.

"I am pleased that since January of this year, Japanese companies have announced investments in the United States worth more than $8 billion, 17,000 jobs", Trump remarked, before interrupting himself to look for water. Staffers typically leave a water bottle or glass under the podium, but this time the president came up empty, NBC News reported. Later in the speech, he took another sip from the bottle.

In 2013, after Rubio's moment, Trump tweeted that Rubio was "being crucified by the media for drinking water during speech!" "When they put Marco on to refute President Obama's speech, do you remember that catastrophe?"

"He's like this, 'I need water".

In an unorthodox move for a politician - nay, any public speaker - the former reality star paused the live questioning to guzzle down a bottle of water, while fixating his gaze on the television screen, much like a university Fresher downing a pint of lager in a "waterfall challenge".

Shortly after Trump's sip, Rubio joined in the fracas. Trump then began to mock him. The senator joked after the president's speech that Trump needs to work on his form. "That's OK", Trump said. "But not bad for his 1st time", Rubio tweeted Wednesday afternoon, linking to a video of Trump stopping mid-speech to look for his water bottle.

Trump ensured that the moment followed Rubio throughout the 2016 campaign, making mention of it several times on the campaign trail.

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