Tom Baker returns to Doctor Who for unfinished episode

Tomas Mccoy
November 27, 2017

Baker was forced to abandon filming the episode in 1979 due to a BBC strike, with around seven hours completed. The reimagined Shada is available for digital download in the United Kingdom and is soon available on DVD.

In the new scene, the Fourth Doctor delivers lines from Adams" original script: "I expect that sometime in the future-in about 200 years' time-someone will meet me and say, "Is that really the Doctor?"

The new scene shows Baker at the Tardis controls in his signature coat and scarf, and combines original live-action footage with new animation.

Tom Baker, who played Doctor Who, has returned to screens to complete an unfinished storyline. The story will be released decades on as a feature-length film and Baker makes a cameo appearance as an old man.

We've got new Doctor Who coming up in the form of this December's Christmas special and Jodie Whittaker's season 11 that's now in production, but we're also getting some new old Doctor Who, as well.

The episode is now available digitally and will be available on DVD in January.

Throughout all of Doctor Who's adventures, the Time Lord has regularly traveled through various timelines, with the series recently mirroring its fictional narrative as an episode from the late '70s finally being completed.

In 2003, the broadcaster commissioned Big Finish to remake "Shada" as a 40th-anniversary audio play; Eighth Doctor Paul McGann joined original cast members Ward and John Leeson (the voice of K9). "It was a lovely time in my life". "So I took to it like a duck to water and I still do".

Baker said the Doctor character "probably never left me". "My real life was really rather drab".

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