White House mulling over ban on use of personal cellphones

Kristopher Drake
November 29, 2017

According to a report published on Monday by Bloomberg, the White House is so anxious about leaks making their way to the media and foreign governments, that White House staffers may be disallowed from using their personal mobile phones to communicate. Cybersecurity concerns drive the potential change. However, if it does go into effect, it would apply to the personal mobile devices of all White House staffers.

Trump has fussed about leaks to the news media, but that is not the reason White House is giving for the proposed ban.

The ban is raising concerns among the staff that are concerned they'll be cut off from family and friends, five administration officials said according to Bloomberg. One official said too many devices were connected to the White House wireless network and that personal phones were not as secure as those issued by the government.

Another issue is the privacy of staffers' personal communications.

This plan would ban personal device use for all staff in the executive office of the president, though we still don't have clear indication of when the administration will move ahead with the idea. Mobile phone security has been a persistent issue for the White House, and at times some top officials have also anxious about staff using their personal devices to communicate with news reporters.

The White House took precautionary measures, and employees are now required to leave their phones in cubbies when attending meetings that involve sensitive matters. However, national security concerns may win out in the end.

White House officials believed that the personal phone of Chief of Staff John Kelly was compromised for months earlier this year, and that foreign foes may have accessed sensitive data from it.

Back then, White House's tech support department concluded that the Kelly's phone had been hacked.

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