USA military says North Korea launched new ICBM

Kristopher Drake
December 2, 2017

Russian Federation accused the United States on Thursday of trying to provoke North Korean leader Kim Jong Un into "flying off the handle" over his missile programme to hand Washington a pretext to destroy his country.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who met Thursday with Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, was more cautious in his response to China - but did press for tougher action to cut of the North's fuel supplies.

Yesterday, Washington warned that North Korea's leadership will be "utterly destroyed" if war breaks out as it called on countries to cut all diplomatic and trade ties with North Korea.

Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders later clarified that the United States is not seeking regime change in North Korea, but is focused on the "denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula.

Mr Lavrov said the way the USA was handling the situation was dangerously provocative.

"Then we will make the decision about how to respond", Lavrov told reporters. "They asked, the requested us, they spoke of the possibility of Russian Federation taking part in any settlement of the [Korean] issue", the lawmaker told TASS.

U.S. President Donald Trump said in October he would not certify that Tehran was complying with the 2015 deal and warned he might ultimately terminate it, accusing Iran of "not living up to the spirit" of the accord.

North Korea's latest Hwasong-15 missile test "went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they've taken", Pentagon chief James Mattis said shortly after the launch. The escalation in tensions came as a disappointment for Moscow, which is advocating a "double freeze" approach, in which North Korea halts missile and nuclear tests and the United States stops its military maneuvers. "We have already said many times that sanctions pressure has exhausted itself". And then suddenly. they announced large-scale exercises in December.

The United States earlier this year pressed for a full oil embargo on North Korea but dropped that demand following resistance from China and Russian Federation.

"Our diplomats will speak from a position of strength because we do have military options", he said.

"So part of [Russia's positioning] is to seem reasonable to South Korea and to ally with China against the US and I think they are largely seen sympathetically by other countries as well, who are quite concerned with the direction in which the U.S".

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