AMD Always Connected PCs will include Qualcomm modems

Randall Craig
December 6, 2017

We suspect that's quite an optimistic measure, although hopefully you'll get at least a couple of days of full-on use before you need to plug back in.

Your smartphone lasts all day; your laptop manages maybe half of that, if you're lucky.

What we do know is that Xiaomi was the first to announce it'll be making an 845 phone, as the Chinese brand joined Qualcomm on stage to tease its upcoming device.

What it does mean is the Asus NovaGo is cheaper than some of the flagship Android smartphones that also feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset, which puts it into a reasonably affordable category.

The Asus NovaGo is expected to be available from early next year.

Lastly, the battery life is just awesome!

Windows on Snapdragon wouldn't work if developers had to make special apps, or if you were only limited to mobile software. The companies announced all-new Windows on ARM PCs, including HP's Envy x2 and ASUS's NovaGo.

Microsoft is targeting it at students and similar, and there are a few limitations compared to a regular copy of Windows 10 Pro. It's effectively a Snapdragon version of the Spectre x2. Qualcomm boasts battery life of up to 25 hours, plus instant power on and performance that is on par with an Intel computer.

Instead, expect the big advantages to be in specific applications.

While you'll obviously have WiFi too, our expectation is that you're probably going to struggle to buy a NovaGo or ENVY x2 without activating a data connection at the same time. Carriers, however, might see the potential for heavy data use on a notebook form-factor device being considerable, and thus prefer to push more expensive plans. To see how all of that works, we'll have to spend more time with these machines.

Frost didn't provide as many hardware specs as Asus' CEO did, but the he did have some details about the Envy x2's form factor.

Better yet, ASUS is pricing the new NovaGo at just $599 for the 4GB/64GB storage model while the 8GB/256GB storage model is $799. Luckily the Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii has brought good news. It's unclear what form-factor it'll adopt, though given it has a large Yoga line-up of 2-in-1s with rotating hinges, that seems like a safe bet.

This was all we were told about the processor today, along with the implication that it would be released next year, because of course it will.

We should have full United Kingdom pricing details very soon. So on the outside it doesn't really look any different to other 2-in-1s that run Intel or any other chip. And will their competitive price tags be unduly offset by egregious data fees? Microsoft's Terry Myerson came on stage today to briefly talk about these Windows 10 on ARM PCs, he later detailed the benefits of this new platform via a post on the Windows Experience Blog.

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