Facebook Messenger Kids: How does it work and where is it available?

Phillip Butler
December 7, 2017

It is a bet that the app can introduce a new generation of users to the Silicon Valley giant's ever-expanding social media universe.

Facebook says the app was created with parents. "We want to create technologies that benefit, rather than harm or are merely neutral on the lives of children". They feel that children need personal time to process all the social interaction and learn to grow into mature people. "If a kid asks their parent to add all of their classmates who are also using Messenger Kids, for example, the app could become just another way for kids to bully or gang up on one another".

Facebook's official entry into the children's market is a watershed moment both for families and the social network.

The father of three told this news organization in Facebook Messenger he will not be getting Messenger Kids for his six-year-old.

Even so, child heath experts like Dunaway remain skeptical.

To know more about children's needs, and the risks they face online, Facebook collaborated with various agencies and institutions such as the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Center on Media and Child Health, Connect Safely, and the Sesame Workshop. The app is compliant with COPPA, it added.

The company have pitched Messenger Kids as a way for children to communicate with family as well as friends, with parents getting complete control over what their offspring see. Davis said that if a parent decides to delete a child's account, Facebook will also delete any data from its own servers.

Adult friends and relatives will receive their decorated messages via the regular Facebook Messenger app.

The app is fairly limited in scope, allowing for text and video chat, as well as sending photos. Facebook's safeguards have made it more hard for strangers to contact a child, they said. Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics provided some guidelines that parents may follow in monitoring their kids' use of Facebook, and other forms of digital content. At that point, your child's device can be handed back to them so that they can start using Messenger Kids.

Facebook has launched preview of Messenger Kids.

The firm said it offered a more appropriate app, which parents could allow their children to use on tablets and smartphones.

There are concerns the app could lead to more online bullying.

Messenger Kids isn't Facebook's first attempt to attract a young audience.

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