Reject concealed-carry gun law expansion

Kristopher Drake
December 8, 2017

"We now call on the Senate to take up and pass this critical legislation", Cox concluded. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act protects the rights of Kentucky gun owners by saying that if you can legally carry a firearm in the Commonwealth you won't have to worry about crossing into Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee or any other state as long as you follow that state's laws.

Two things need to be noted here. "Americans don't lose their Second Amendment rights when they cross state lines, and they shouldn't lose their concealed carry rights either", Congresswoman Walorski said. "This bill, will allow a law-abiding citizen to carry concealed gun only if they are not federally prohibited from possessing or receiving a firearm". "I support concealed carry laws and was the sponsor of Tennessee's when I was in the state senate, but I think state laws that are more restrictive should be respected". Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was severely wounded at an event in 2011, said she is "furious" the House passed the concealed carry bill.

Supporters said the act also would strengthen reporting requirements for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Our senior senator pointed out that states such as North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan and Georgia, to name just a handful, have gun permit standards that are not as safe as NY and geographies that are much more rural than urban. Named for Michael Boeglin, a 31 year old owner-operator who was shot to death while waiting to pick up a load in Detroit in 2014, Mike's Law called for nationwide hide and carry reciprocity for truck drivers on the job.

"This section shall not be construed to supersede or limit the laws of any state that permit private persons or entities to prohibit or restrict the possession of concealed firearms on their property, or prohibit or restrict the possession of firearms on any state or local government property, installation, building, base, or park".

In a tweet sent last night, Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted the measure, saying that it would allow people convicted of violent misdemeanors out-of-state to carry hidden weapons into NY.

Kansas doesn't require a permit to carry concealed, so other states' permit standards wouldn't apply to Kansans traveling there. Instead, we have the highest rate of gun deaths.

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