Singing in parliament after same-sex vote

Kristopher Drake
December 8, 2017

An Australian Christian couple that vowed to get divorced if the country voted to legalize same-sex marriage is now backing down from their threat.

As the proceedings unfolded in parliament #MarriageEquality began trending in top spot worldwide.

The Bill passed the senate last week, before moving to the lower house on Monday.

Others saw it as a rare Christmas gift from the government.

The move follows a two-month national postal survey that showed 61% of more than 12 million respondents were in favor of marriage equality. "And now it is up to us here in the parliament of Australia to get on with it".

Many supporters of the Bill travelled to Canberra to witness the outcome of the parliamentary process.

With the law expected to come into place in a month's time from now, Australia will soon become the 24th country to make way for same-sex marriage, according to Pew Research. "At long last, LGBTIQ Australians will be equal under the law". "This is a great day, it belongs to every Australian". He turned to the public gallery, where Bolger was sitting.

"It's time that that occur and I'm proud that it will occur", Mr Bowen said.

"The Australian people were promised that their freedom of speech, freedom of religion and parental rights would be protected in any same-sex marriage legislation, and this has not happened", he said.

"It's a historic day for Australia today and I think the celebrations around the country when we finally ... achieve marriage equality are going to be enormous", Greens party senator Janet Rice said.

While they already considered themselves engaged, the rings they wore on their left hands, he said, were their answers to a question that they once could not ask.

About 12.7 million people participated in the survey, which had a response rate of almost 80% - which is considered very high.

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