Activists gather at University Verizon to protest net neutrality rollback

Tammy Harvey
December 10, 2017

Net neutrality regulations enacted in 2015 require that all internet traffic is treated the same by internet service providers. Net Neutrality supports our freedom of speech.

Despite a biting wind, a few dedicated residents gathered outside the Russel Cellular Verizon Store on Route 11 in support of net neutrality on Thursday, ahead of the Federal Communications Commission vote, which is expected on December 14. Without Net Neutrality, certain web sites could be blocked from users, cable and phone companies could create "fast" and "slow" lanes based on payments, and you would be paying substantially more if you wanted to enjoy the same level of Internet that you now use.

Valerie Walker of Indivisible Bangor said, "The best outcome would be for net neutrality rules to stay in place and not have our internet privatized".

The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution Friday opposing the Federal Communications Commission's proposed actions to eliminate net neutrality.

"For nearly 20 years, the internet thrived under the light-touch regulatory approach established by President Clinton and a Republican Congress", Pai said in a statement in November.

Opponents of net neutrality noted that its elimination has benefits including giving consumers of the Internet more options, allowing them to pare down their choices and perhaps save money in the process. Ending net neutrality, he said, would also end that possibility.

Net Neutrality affects every single one of us.

This following the FCC's proposal to end the open internet order and rollback net neutrality protections.

Protesters are targeting Verizon because Pai is a former lobbyist for the company, which has-along with major internet service providers (ISPs) Comcast and AT&T-invested heavily in pressuring lawmakers to support policies that benefit telecom companies at the expense of consumers.

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