Austria: At least 1 dead, 21 injured in gas hub blast

Kristopher Drake
December 13, 2017

One person is dead and 18 others have been injured in an explosion at a natural gas facility near Austria's border with Slovakia.

"A wide area has been sealed off and there are expected to be several injured", the spokesman said.

Not long after the explosion, Italy's minister for economic development, Carlo Calenda, declared a state of emergency for energy supplies.

But the explosion here impacts natural gas more, and that has sent prices soaring.

"This morning, the gas flow from Russian Federation was interrupted in Austria following a fire in the network run by operator Gas Connect", the Italian government said in a statement.

A state of emergency would give Rome the right to use a series of extraordinary measures such as allowing coal and oil power plants to fire at full blast. The pipeline remains temporarily shut down having sustained "major" material damage, according to Gas Connect spokesman Armin Teichert. Those pipelines supply Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia but also Baumgarten's biggest recipient, Italy.

The Italian wholesale day-ahead price surged 215 percent to 75 euros per megawatt-hour, its highest recorded level. "We might well see some competition between Europe and Asia to attract LNG (liquid natural gas, delivered by ship) this winter".

The ministry stated there are "no problems with supply", and that consumers are unaffected due to sufficient gas reserves in storage facilities.

Baumgarten an der March, where the gas station situated, is a small subdivision of the municipality of Weiden an der March in Lower Austria, Austria.

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